Sanjivani Nursing House

             Sanjivani Nursing Home is the leading Hospital in Raigarh with 85 beds. The predfered Hospital for the people of Chattisgarh. Sanjivani Nursing Home strives to integrate new ideas and research with human care and compassion. With the installation of Modular O.T. , Knee Joint replacement , General Surgery and many more. Sanjivani Nursing Home Is set to devlop Into a centre of General health care and Surgery in the state of Chattisgarh.

            We provide quality medical service with human touch and strict adherence to medical ethics in a patient-driven environment. The SANJIVANI NURSING HOME abides by the principle of not refusing care even to those who cannot afford it.

           This not only strengthens the human resource base for the health sector, it also serves to fulfill the hospital’s commitment to the people of Chhattisgarh — subsidized healthcare for the community, with the highest quality of clinical services

             SANJIVANI NURSING HOME model comprises compassionate and dedicated teams of physicians and surgeons who act as a bridge between despair and hope; vibrant nursing care; tiered tariffs to ensure affordability for all classes of society; capital deployment, quality and costing that generates high volumes, and good corporate and clinical governance.